Divorce doesn't have to be unpleasant or expensive.

It can be simple and easy




The Issues

First, all the issues need to be identified.  Unidentified issues can cause significant life disruption later.  Health insurance, credit card debt, unpaid taxes, and other matters can affect you later if not dealt with properly in the divorce.

The agreement

A good, articulate agreement allows the parties to move on with their life in a positive manner.  A poorly worded, vague agreement offers opportunity for future litigation and disappointment.

The process

Even though the law is the same across Georgia, the process is not.  Each jurisdiction has little quirks and rules that can delay the uninitiated and naive litigant.  You need an Attorney that is familiar with the process in your jurisdiction.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An “uncontested” divorce is where both parties agree on all issues involved in the divorce, including property division, child support, custody, visitation, and alimony.   We may even be able to obtain a final divorce for you without requiring you to step into a courtroom.   We offer flat rate fees for parties who agree on all issues and are prepared to finalize the matters in a settlement agreement.  Our rates start at $499 (not including the filing fee) and vary according to your situation.

An uncontested divorce can save time, serious money, and the emotional stress of going to court.  If you and your spouse can reach an agreement about the issues in your case, then an uncontested divorce may be the best way to meet your needs.  To truly answer this question, you need to discuss the specifics of your case directly with an Attorney.  I will speak directly with you about your situation at no cost to you.  Call now for your Free Consultation (678-383-1690).

Call my law firm for a No Cost Consultation.    I will help you decide if an uncontested divorce suits your situation.   I will explain further the pros and cons of an uncontested divorce, the timeline involved, and fee payment options.  Once you are satisfied that an uncontested divorce is right for your situation, we get some minimal details from you and begin drafting your documents.  Normal turnaround time for the first draft is approximately one week.

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