First of all, sanity is overrated.  So start by not worrying so much about whether you’re acting strange or seem weird.    You’re going through a divorce which is a major life event.  It’s going to take an emotional toll on you so don’t be alarmed or surpised when it does.  Just deal with it.

One of the best ways to deal with any stressful situation is to have a good support network.  Friends, family and even professionals that you can talk to and get good advice regarding what you’re doing and how you’re processing your feelings.   A lot of times, just talking with folks about how you feel will make you feel better. 

If your are facing serious depression, such as thoughts of suicide, see a counselor.  There’s nothing wrong with some professional therapy.  Think of it this way – if taking an aspiring will make your headache go away, wouldn’t you take an aspirin?  Likewise, if talking to a counselor will make your depression go away, why won’t you do it?

It’s also important to take things one day at a time.  If you stay focused on the moment, the enormity of all the things you have to do and decide doesn’t overwhelm you.  Try setting daily goals and get plenty of exercise.  Tomorrow is going to come and when it does, you’ll deal with it then.

Dealing with your prospective Ex can always cause tension.  Therefore, one thing I always tell my clients going through divorce is, take a business perspective.  You have a certain amount of interaction that you need to accomplish with this person and you only need the minimal amount of communication to get that done.  It’s just like at work, you need to order some supplies, you make a phone call, put the request in and you’re done.   You don’t start discussing with the supply store anything that happened 10 years ago, or what your neighbor said they saw.  You handle your business and that’s it.  Same with the Ex.  You call them up, communicate what you need to communicate, and be done.  That’s it.  Don’t let them bait you into an argument and don’t start an argument with them.  Just handle your business.